Since launching Eat and Play in 2010, we’ve helped over 1 million people have better, less expensive vacations. And we’ve helped over 300 Participating Merchant partners get their message out and generate millions of dollars in incremental new business.

Global Distribution; Local Execution

If leisure travelers – tourists – are important to your business, we can help – with no effort on your part and zero fees or costs. Marketers say it generally takes seven impressions for a message to resonate with someone, and given a typical tourist is only in town for a short period, it’s very difficult to reach them ahead of time using traditional and often expensive methods. Even once in-destination, most area visitors will likely never come across your message, your brand, or your location. So what can you do?

99% of people activate their digital Eat and Play Cards before they leave home giving them the opportunity to interact with and learn about your business and location long before they arrive. This helps you get short-listed during the planning stages. Once in destination, your message will be front and center every day, with your offer helping to close the deal by incentivizing them to visit your business.

Join Some Iconic Brands

They say “You are the company you keep,” and you’ll be keeping great company along with the likes of Earls Kitchen, Kennedy Space Center, Denny’s, Bloomingdale’s, Guggenheim Museum, World of Beer, Tommy Hilfiger, Red Lobster, The Wheel at ICON Park, Dave & Buster’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and the Orlando Magic, just to name a few. We have more participating iconic brands than just about any alternative.

Broaden Your Reach and Drive Incremental Visitors

With tourists, you often only have one trip/one opportunity to win their business. So, attracting their attention and getting them to visit your location immediately should be the primary objective. According to New York University, affordability is the primary cause of diminished family travel. Giving a better perception of affordability will help win more of this important customer base.  And according to the 2020 Restaurant Marketing Insights guide, the availability of discounts and deals are a major driver in purchase behavior, with 77% saying that a deal or discount influences their choice of whom to visit.

Include Your Own Promo Codes and Barcodes

To make it quick and easy for your staff at the POS, we can include your promo codes or barcodes so processing transactions can be quicker and easier. We can even include vanity links or other URLs so digital card holders can advance book from anywhere – at home or in-destination.

And to be clear, we’ll never ask you for any money – no sign-up fees and no back-end commissions. Nothing. Ever.

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