What about coupons? Could I just wait and look for coupons?

How much is your time worth, especially on vacation? Wouldn’t you rather be having fun or relaxing and not worrying about running around hunting for coupons that you might never find or that save you a meagre $1.50 or offer a “free appetizer?” Those hardly even qualify as savings. Besides, who wants a pocket full of bits of torn paper that you’re likely to forget at the hotel, versus an easy to use card that fits simply into your wallet and is always there and ready when you need it? Simply put, Eat and Play Card saves you time and energy, removes the headache and hassle of dealing with coupons, provides more of the brands you really want to visit (and WILL NOT find in coupons), and most importantly, will save you the most money. Period.

Do I just need the plastic card or should I also take the “sleeve” it comes in?

The sleeve that accompanies the card is almost as important as the plastic card itself. Because the sleeve contains all the relevant merchant information, including the location and % discount, it’s a helpful tool for merchant employees to remind them what their offer is.

What’s included in the discount?

The % discount is generally off your TOTAL purchase. For restaurants, this includes all food and beverages, except alcohol (unless otherwise stated). Several Orlando restaurants include alcohol as do almost half of our New York restaurant brands. It will be stated on your card’s sleeve and on this website.

What are the restrictions?

Coupons and other programs often have restrictions like minimum spend requirements (e.g. save 15% if you spend over $75) or blackout dates. Eat and Play Card has no such annoying restrictions. However, the card is not valid with other discounts that may include coupons, already reduced items or specials. And keep in mind, sometimes retailers are prohibited from discounting certain brands and those rules with vary from store to store.

There are 5 people in our group. How many cards do we need?

While Participating Merchants are only required to offer their discount to up to four people per card, we find that many are very accommodating to one extra person and still often (we can’t guarantee always) provide their discount to all five. Once a group becomes six people or more do we suggest the purchase of additional cards.

How come some merchant employees didn’t know about the card?

The service industry is very transient – restaurants and retailers are constantly changing staff and new employees will always see the card for the first time at some point. Also, the more a merchant is likely to be lesser known or not in the most convenient of locations, chances are they see fewer card holders than other busier locations. We update all our merchant partners annually and provide tools to help them educate their employees. Our merchant partners have a combined total of well over 10,000 employees so it can be challenging to keep everyone updated all the time, but, we all do the best we can.

Are there any discounts in the parks, like Disney or Universal?

Discounts are rarely if ever available directly inside the main parks like Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios. Eat and Play Card does offer savings nearby and at the entrance to the parks, such as in Downtown Disney and Universal CityWalk.

Places to pickup my card

If I have a voucher, where do I exchange it for my card?

It really couldn’t be much easier to exchange a voucher for your card and there are numerous convenient redemption location in each destination.


– International Drive
– Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores
– Davenport

New York City:

– Midtown (56th Street between 5th and 6th Ave)
– Downtown