Our pricing is simple and affordable, and determined by the duration of time you would like to benefit from your card. We provide three different options that satisfy most peoples’ requirements.

Best price

10 days

Valid for use by 1-4 people*

Ideal for shorter stays or those interested in a specific merchant at a particular moment

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Most popular

6 months

Valid for use by 1-4 people*

Best for longer stays, snowbirds, or those who may visit again soon

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Best value

12 months

Valid for use by 1-4 people*

Perfect for those who make multiple visits or can use it all year long

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After purchase confirmation, you will receive an email with download information and your unique PIN required to activate your digital card. You can begin using your digital card almost immediately. Prices are total and inclusive of all applicable taxes.

Upon purchase confirmation you will receive your activation PIN immediately and can activate your PIN and start using your digital card right away. Cards become valid and ready for use only upon activation, not at time of purchase. You can activate your PIN any time after purchase.

*The most common FAQ we receive is some variation of “There are five of us traveling together. Do we need another card?”  We suggest groups of five people traveling together only get one card. Once groups become six or larger, or if smaller groups plan to split up during their holiday, do we suggest additional cards.