Universal Studios Orlando Travel Tips and Secrets

Planning a trip to Universal Studios Orlando? Looking for some travel tips and secrets to get the most out of your experience?  Excellent! Because we’ve got 7 great insider Universal Studios Orlando travel tips […]

The Perfect NYC Budget Itinerary For First-timers

The surprising thing about New York City is the amount of things you can do on a budget. Many of which are even free! Save where you can so you can spend more on […]

Best Healthy Travel Snacks For Your Family

Beat the frazzled nerves and poor nutrition that often comes with traveling. Traveling doesn’t have to be filled with unhealthy food.

Now you can bypass the junk food that weighs you down with these stress […]

3 Reasons To Visit Orlando And Find Your Travel Bliss

Are you ready to escape the cold and go somewhere warm and fun? If your idea of travel bliss includes ideal weather conditions, family fun and big savings then this post is for you! […]

Our Top Trending Travel Blog Posts Of 2015

The team at Eat and Play Card always wanted to start a blog and in 2015 it became a reality. It has been a real pleasure sharing travel stories, tips, and savings with people […]

Travel Reflections Of 2015 – Capture The Memories

Travel reflections for the wanderlust in all of us. As we gear up for the biggest party of the year and look towards the New Year there’s no better time to reflect on your […]

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