Tour Operators and Travel Agents

With more choices than ever, today’s leisure travelers are becoming more demanding and value-driven – they’re looking for extra value in what they buy and from who they buy it. You can stand out from the competition and provide that much needed added-value by bundling Eat and Play Card with your core offering, such as packages or flights. You’ll help your customers easily save hundreds of dollars on their vacation and they’ll thank you for it with their loyalty and referrals. And of course you can also sell it as a high-margin stand-alone.  There are two ways you can acquire Eat and Play Card for your customers:

Agency Suppliers

Eat and Play Card is commissionable via a variety of sources, including wholesalers and online aggregators/ticket brokers such as Hotelbeds, Attraction World, Do Something Different/ATD and Viator, amongst others. Sales of Eat and Play Card are always on a “freesale” basis so you never have to worry about scheduling issues or booking confirmations.

Direct Contracting

Commissionable or at net rates, Eat and Play Card is easy to work with directly. We can provide activation PINs in a database that you host and manage, or we can integrate via API, either directly or via 3rd party channel managers such as Rezdy. We even have several other quick and simple fulfillment solutions that can send your customers PINs without the need for an API connection. And if you’re interested in including Eat and Play Card with your packages or other core offerings, our value add rates will surprise you!

Travel Trade FAQ

1. Will offering Eat and Play Card reduce our sales of attraction tickets?

No. People tend to fall into two groups – a smaller group who will always buy tickets in advance to guarantee entry or avoid lines/sellouts and the masses who always wait until they arrive before deciding what they’ll do. Eat and Play Card is designed for the masses.

2. We already offer a discount card or attraction pass. Do we really need another?

Yes. Because of the breadth of its savings and wide appeal, Eat and Play Card works great alongside other programs by monetizing and offering value to large customer segments that others simply can’t match. And with even further discounts when the card is used a value add to bundle as a “freebie” with packages, nothing else will help you stand out and differentiate more, or sell more packages.

3. We prefer not to inventory hard stock. Can we issue vouchers?

Yes, there is no more hard stock to ever worry about again, and many of our partners issue vouchers. In the past, vouchers used to include information detailing where your customers could exchange their vouchers and pick up their cards. No more. Now, your vouchers only have to include the Eat and Play Card app download links and an activation PIN. The PIN can be provided instantaneously via API or in a database that you can host and manage.

To learn more about Eat and Play Card and how it can help you and your business, please contact us at:
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