Seeing New York like a superhero means being in the center of it all – in midtown to be exact. We might not be able to fly or swing through the city, but you can get some extra insider info on even the biggest tourist attractions in New York, like Grand Central, the Chrysler Building and Times Square. Stand where Peter Parker became Spiderman and where the Battle of New York happened, visit The Daily Planet, and learn about the real Bruce Waynes and Tony Starks who shaped this neighborhood!

Your Storyline:

You are MISS MANHATTA, one of the five protectors of New York City’s five boroughs. With the superspeed of a New York Minute paired with the flight of a Central Park pigeon, you’re employed by the city to keep your beloved borough safe from a diverse gallery of villains attacking the city that never sleeps. Today, you’re patrolling Midtown – a favorite hangout for bad guys who want to strike at the heart of the city. But… something seems off today…

As this is a self-guided Questo experience, there is no set start time. You can begin when you arrive at the starting location.

Booking information and your 20% promotion code will be found in your digital card.

Starting location: West side of E. 43rd and 1st, near the UN headquarters



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