Eat and Play Card is different from other programs you may have seen. Designed following months of research, only Eat and Play Card avoids the 10 things people dislike most about coupons and other programs. For example, Eat and Play Card features:

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Eat and Play Card Advantages

Coupons & Other Savings Digital Eat and Play Card™
Require you to carry around a pocket full of messy coupons or multiple other programs. Your phone is all you need for the best in dining, activities, attractions, and shopping.
Limited appeal. Merchants you’ve never heard of or not conveniently located. Broad appeal and savings at merchants with the right mix of location, products, and services.
Easy to lose or forget at home, or in your car. How often do you lose your phone?
Coupons can be used only once. Use as often as you want – even visit the same merchant every day.
Old school printed savings cards are outdated as soon as they're printed Just show your phone. It’s always updated with the latest info.
Prepaid attraction passes are expensive and often lock you into a schedule or forcing visits on rainy days. Affordable. Visit and save on your own schedule.
Coupons are often found too late – you may have already visited the merchant or run out of time. Allows you to plan your visits and maximize your savings in advance.
Coupons and attraction passes often require one per person. Valid for up to four people – an entire group or family!
Discounts often have fixed limits such as “save $1.50”, ”free appetizer” or “free gift. Entirely %-based discounts always maximize your savings – spend more; save more.
Often have restrictions such as minimum spend requirements and blackout dates. No annoying restrictions.

Money Back Guarantee

If you weren’t completely satisfied with your Eat and Play Card, simply send us a letter explaining what you didn’t like, along with your proof of purchase and PIN information, and we’ll refund your money. It’s risk free and it’s that easy. Valid on individual sales direct from this website only.