Beat the frazzled nerves and poor nutrition that often comes with traveling. Traveling doesn’t have to be filled with unhealthy food. Now you can bypass the junk food that weighs you down with these stress free, mess free homemade healthy travel snacks for the road or plane. These travel snacks offer wholesome goodness the entire family will enjoy.


Aussie bites

If you’ve never tried the Aussie bites available from Costco then you’ve got to give them a try. They are packed full of energy ingredients and wholesome goodness. With just the right balance of natural sweetness these bites are perfect for travel. They are a family favorite with our team. We bring these with us every time we travel.

If you prefer to make your own check out this homemade version of the Aussie bites from ‘My Whole Food Life’. This recipe is great for family members with food allergies as you can adjust to their needs. You can whip these up with minimal prep and cook time. Aussie bites are super easy and guaranteed hearty snacks for energy giving these bites the top choice for some of the best healthy travel snacks. So if you’re on your way to Orlando this Spring Break these Aussie bites will help get you there.


Perhaps you have a long flight or you’ll be traveling late at night so you’re looking for snacks to aid in sleep. Avoiding simple carbohydrates filled with refined sugar is always best. Stick to complex carbs such as bread, pasta, crackers and muffins to avoid that dramatic blood sugar drop.

According to the Sleep Foundation, serotonin and tryptophan are often the cause of that sleepy feeling you get after Thanksgiving turkey. This is why they suggest ideal bedtime snacks containing carbohydrates and protein are the ideal mix to aid in sleepiness. With that in mind consider these snacks.

Cereal with milk

Eating cereal with milk while traveling might be easier than you think. Bring little mini baggies filled with just the right amount of cereal. While at the airport or during flight you can purchase milk. Simply add milk to the bag with a plastic spoon and you have the perfect sleepy snack.

Banana bread

Banana bread is considered by many the family favorite for its natural mild sweet taste and high nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber. For instance, bananas are rich in vitamin C and potassium. We all know vitamin C helps keep us healthy which is a good thing, especially when traveling. The reduced air quality and lack of ventilation makes airplanes a safe haven for germs.

Potassium, found in bananas, is known to reduce high blood pressure. This is especially good during travel when everyone’s blood pressure seems to rise. Whether you are stressed about flying, corralling your children or the entire experience in itself, travel comes with a certain level of stress. Bananas have so many more benefits making them one of the healthiest foods to eat. Potassium is also known to aid in sleepiness which makes bananas a great aid for that too. They are a great way to keep you and your family healthy while traveling and we all know staying healthy is the best way to get the most out of your vacation.


Roasted chickpeas

Chickpeas are a protein packed legume that is also high in fiber. This is very good! Let’s be honest traveling doesn’t always keep everyone on a ‘regular schedule’. You know what we mean. Bringing some of the best healthy travel snacks with you however, will help keep everyone in your family a little more regular.

Chickpeas also make a great snack on the go. They bake easily making them a crunchy alternative. They are low in calories and fat that can be flavoured up any way you like them. Add a bit of oil and sea salt and you are good to go.

Trail mix

Who doesn’t love a good trail mix? The ones you buy on the go are loaded with far too much salt or sugar which makes them a bit addictive but for all the wrong reasons. You’re going to be dehydrated enough. Pass on the purchase trail mix and consider making your own. Add your favorite cheerios, popcorn, nuts and seeds, pretzels etc. Add all your favorite ingredients for something you and your family are sure to enjoy. There are a number of excellent recipes available on how to make your own trail mix.


Bean brownie

These are without a doubt one of the best brownies we’ve ever had. Don’t judge until you’ve tried these decant bean brownies. Loaded with fiber, omega-3s, protein and minimal sugar these just might be the best treat to bring with you for a little treat or needed bribery with your little ones. There’s nothing wrong with a little bribery (and no judging) after a long day of travel. These ‘almost’ guilt free brownies make it easy to do. We love the Minimalist Baker’s smart suggestion of baking these bean brownies in mini muffins tins. This way you have them already perfectly sized and ready to go when in a pinch.


– Raisins
– Nuts & seeds (like almonds and pumpkin seeds are a great source of protein and energy)
– Mini bagel with peanut butter
– Carrot and celery sticks
– Frozen grapes – will make them last longer
– Frozen edamame – super healthy and packed full of protein
– Dried fruit – Cranberries
– Animal crackers
– Breakfast granola

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Happy Travels!