What is Eat and Play Card?

Eat and Play Card is like a coupon on steroids! If you hate using coupons, you’ll love us because we’re everything a coupon wishes it was. And if you love coupons, well you’ll really love us! Plastic and credit card in size, it saves you money on your vacation expenses. One card lets you and up to three others, save between 10 – 50% on almost all your in-destination vacation expenses, including dining, attractions, shopping and more. Using it just once is often all it takes to recover the cost of the card.

But it doesn’t just help you save money – it can also help navigate the waters of a new city. Places like Orlando, and especially New York, can often overwhelm people with choices: “where should we eat?”, “what should we do?” and “where should we go?” Eat and Play Card simplifies those decisions by helping you short-list the places you should consider – and rewards you in the process, with some potentially huge savings. Why would you go to one steakhouse and pay full price, when you can visit one that’s equally as good, if not better, and save 20% (often including alcohol)?

How does Eat and Play Card work?

It’s so easy. When the time comes to pay at a participating restaurant, attraction, retail store or other merchant partner, simply present your card and your TOTAL bill will be discounted on the spot (offers range between 10-50%). The card comes in a “sleeve” that includes information such as merchant name, discount %, address, telephone, area/neighborhood etc. And it all folds up nicely and barely bigger than a credit card, so it fits easily into your wallet. And unlike coupons, it’s always right there when you need it and never forgotten in the car or hotel.

Eat and Play Card is valid for 30 days from first use and can be used as often as you want, even at the same restaurant or attraction. And best of all, you only need one card for up to four different people!