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Great value for money, a real good saver and absolute must for anyone
Eat and Play Card is good, better than any coupon you will get
Well worth it, paid for itself after one meal out
I highly recommend the eat & play card…I got one free with our Disney tickets last year but chose to buy one for this year, totally worth it for us
Thought this card was fantastic, saved our family a lot of money. Will get another one and told lots of people about it
Have used this card 2 years running now and will buy one again next time I visit Orlando
Used for the first time this year and will be using again next year, definitely worth it…highly recommend
For anyone staying on I-Drive, it’s a must have
Excellent card…well worth the price
We made good use of this card and soon got our money back on the first day of our two week holiday. There are many restaurants and attractions where you can use it. There are lots of free vouchers you can get in Orlando but they don’t cover the same places or give the same discounts as this card

We bought one of these last year and was brilliant. You don’t have to spend a certain amount, they just take the percentage off what your bill is. We are definitely getting another for this year.
Yes there are coupon booklets in abundance, most (in my humble opinion) are places that don’t really appeal or that I have never heard off. But each to their own. I found the card to be great value and will be purchasing again for our up and coming holiday
It’s an amazing savings card and I’ll certainly be getting one next time we travel to Orlando!!
A must for all Orlando visitors. This card saved us so much, it was well worth the (money) we paid
To me they are cheap enough to buy and it saves me having a handbag full of vouchers that I would most likely forget to use
I always buy the Eat and Play Card…Aside from the savings themselves, I find it’s far more convenient to have just one card in my bag than a ton of individual discount coupons.
You would think this card only covered cheap venues but it covers a wide choice of eating outlets and saved the cost of the card within 2 meals purchased